Parking Brake Systems

We design, develop, and produce handbrake levers and brake cables.

Mechanical handbrake systems are designed and developed by Ficosa to meet customers’ mechanical needs and to ensure braking performance and aesthetic integration with cars’ interiors.

The system includes the lever (mechanical parts and style parts) and cables.


Ficosa develops and produces handbrakes in different materials which provide the best compromise between performance, weight, and geometry. This system allows the incorporation of different self-adjustment systems.

Steel PKB:

– Conventional: simple shapes with few aesthetic requirements.
– Complex shape: handbrake with several aesthetic requirements

Lightweight handbrakes

can be classified into 2 subgroups by material:
– Alloy materials (aluminium / magnesium / hybrid)
– Technical thermoplastics (high performance)

Adjusting devices

– RJI – rattrapage du jeux initiaux: automatic initial setting
– SACS – Self Adjusted Clutch System: continuous automatic adjustment.


All braking systems use mechanical cables to connect the handbrake and the vehicle’s brake system (disc and drum).

Ficosa is responsible for the design and production of these systems. We have extensive experience providing control cables to most vehicle manufacturers.

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