ATX Automatic Gearshift

Ficosa designs and manufactures automatic shifter systems with a high degree of complexity, using modular flexible concepts to reduce costs.

Perceived quality. The ability to develop solutions to improve lever performance whilst reducing the level and quality of noise when the lever is moved to extol the quality and pleasure of use.

Selection of materials and finishes in different styles to give a great sense of quality and sophistication

Sensing. Ficosa’s portfolio contains sensing solutions ranging from simple electromechanical systems to sophisticated continuous sensing. These systems are based on 3-dimensional sensors that, together with the technology patented by Ficosa and its great capacity to develop and implement software allows continuous control of the lever position and even anticipates the movements of the end-user.

Communication with control unit. Ficosa has the ability to develop levers for any type of communication with the control unit: CAN, LIN, hardwire…



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