19 December 2018

Ficosa reinforces its presence in Portugal with new facilities

With an investment of €5 million, the Ficocables plant has been expanded, adding a new building to boost the company’s competitiveness, efficiency and production capacity in Portugal and provide a better workplace for all of its employees  The construction of this new building, with 7,800 m2 of space, has been was completed recently and it…

9 October 2018

Ficosa inaugurates its new e-Mobility Hub, a pioneering centre at a national and international level for electric mobility technology

With an investment of over €10 million, this new centre employs 120 engineers, 60 of which are new hires, and it is expected to take on 100 additional professionals in 2019  The e-Mobility Hub is positioned as the driving force for electromobility solutions for Ficosa at a global level and completes the other hubs in…

28 September 2018

Ficosa develops and manufactures the digital rear-view system of the Audi e-tron, the first automobile to market with this technology

The digital rear-view system developed by Ficosa, which uses cameras and displays instead of the traditional external side mirrors, offers a whole new driving experience that is safer, more efficient and more comfortable  The Audi e-tron, which integrates Ficosa’s digital rear-view system, will hit the market in late 2018  This system has been developed and…

19 September 2018

Ficosa presents latest advanced communications solutions for vehicles at ITS World Congress

The CarCom platform, a system that allows to integrate different connectivity solutions in a modular way, will be one of the main attractions that the company will present in Copenhagen  At ITS, Ficosa will also display the latest additions to its connectivity product lines such as its ranges of antennas, smart connectivity modules, V2X solutions,…

9 July 2018

Toyota honors Ficosa with the Value Analysis award

This award recognizes the company’s capacity to optimize the function/cost ratio of its products In recent years Toyota has distinguished the work of Ficosa on various occasions, highlighting the excellent service the company offers to all its customers   Ficosa, top-tier global provider devoted to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-technology vision, safety,…

18 May 2018

ADASENS with partner it-RSC at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Efficient engineering processes for the development of driver assistance systems At the world’s largest trade fair for automotive testing from June 5 to 7, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany, ADASENS Automotive GmbH and it-RSC GmbH will present their latest engineering technologies at their joint booth 8260 in hall 8, focusing on the fully automated testing and…

20 March 2018

Ficosa inaugurates its first production centre in Morocco

With an investment of €50 million, Ficosa’s new facility in Rabat will become the Centre of Excellence in Automobile Cameras for the whole group, bolstering the company’s hub for new technologies in vision, connectivity, safety and efficiency in Viladecavalls (Barcelona, Spain) The plant will employ 700 people and post an estimated yearly turnover of €150…

23 February 2018


在中国取得巨大成就后,公司巩固了技术扩张和市场地位 同两家顶级汽车制造商签订的订单价值超过2亿欧元,将用于电动汽车和插电式混合动力车 该解决方案的开发将在比拉德卡瓦尔斯(Viladecavalls)技术中心进行,而生产将在太仓技术中心完成   Ficosa作为致力于汽车行业的视觉系统、安全、通信和效率的研究、开发、生产和营销的全球领先的供应商同中国市场签订电池管理系统(BMS)合同。同两家顶级汽车制造商签订的订单价值超过2亿欧元,将用于电动汽车和插电式混合动力车。 Ficosa电动交通系统事业部总监Jaume Prat表示:“这些合同对于Ficosa来说是一个重要的里程碑,扩大了我们在中国的产品组合,巩固了我们在电动交通领域的地位。除了重申了我们作为电池管理系统领导者的地位,还巩固加强了我们作为系统集成商的专业知识,因为我们将提供包括电子控制单元(ECU)和高压设备(HVPD)在内的整个系统。” Ficosa的电池管理系统为用户提供了必要的安全,并允许他们随时监控电池电量状态和健康状态。如今,西班牙巴塞罗那的比拉德卡瓦尔斯(Viladecavalls)技术中心正在开发这些订单所需的软件、硬件和机制,将于2019年在中国太仓的技术中心开始生产。 Prat强调:“比拉德卡瓦尔斯(Viladecavalls)的技术中心已成为公司在电动汽车系统以及ADAS(高级驾驶辅助系统)和连接解决方案方面的全球枢纽。此外,通过这些项目,我们巩固了公司在中国这个重要的市场地位,除了太仓,我们还在重庆和沈阳设有办事处,主要目的是为了贴近客户,为客户提供更好的服务。”   电动汽车的领导者 通过签订的订单,Ficosa再次确立了在电动汽车领域为混合动力,电动和氢动力汽车软件和硬件的开发提供解决方案的领导地位。产品在质量、可靠性、创新技术上符合最为严格的要求。公司主要生产电池管理系统(BMS),保护和分配电池电流的电子盒(BDU / eBOX)及电动汽车领域的充电装置(OBC)。  

5 December 2017

Videantis and ADASENS partner to address explosive growth in intelligent automotive cameras

Partnership brings the automotive computer vision functions from ADASENS to the embedded vision processor solutions from Videantis   Hannover and Lindau, Germany – Videantis and ADASENS (part of the FICOSA group) today announced they are partnering to bring advanced sensing technologies to self-driving vehicles and automotive ADAS applications. The partnership combines the ADASENS portfolio of computer…

28 November 2017

Ficosa closes its first contract for rotary shift-by-wire system

The order, valued in €34.5 million, comes from an Asian automobile manufacturer and allows the company to add a new product to its portfolio As added value, in addition to the rotary selector, for this project Ficosa is also supplying the whole system, including the electronic control unit (ECU) and gearbox actuator (GBA) Ficosa has…