Continuous improvement: how we stay in shape

It is not easy to explain what continuous improvement methodologies are. Marcin tends to compare it with the work of a doctor but applied to the company. The first thing he does is run a diagnostic on processes and products, visiting offices and factories. Marcin does not use scalpels or stethoscopes, but rather Six Sigma and advanced statistics, as well as Lean and Agile methods. These tools help him analyse the company’s health and prescribe potential improvement to optimise processes.
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With the number of competitors out there today, we want Ficosa to be quick and in shape to win the innovation race. For this reason, we have created the FIT project. What Marcin is most passionate about in his work is collaborating alongside people and seeing how people are motivated and interested in optimising processes after a training session.

The automotive sector is undergoing a great revolution. A race is under way to change the concept of the car forever. If you are interested in new technologies, if you have an innovative mindset and you want to be part of the future, Marcin recommends that you pursue your career as part of our team.

Keys to stay agile

Marcin says:

“To be a Ficosian you need to be open to change and willing to explore new ideas and processes”.

This is the FIT project

ficosa ficosofia metodologia world

For everyone
The FIT project is open to everyone: from managers to production employees.

ficosa ficosofia metodologia opciones

Various options
Within the project, there are various activities so anyone can contribute to common growth.

ficosa ficosofia metodologia proponer

Propose ideas freely
One of the most important parts of the project is the suggestions system, where all workers can propose ideas on how to improve.

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