Technological Partners

Ficosa and Panasonic, together leading the transformation of the motor and mobility market


In September 2014, we announced our capital and business alliance with the Panasonic Corporation which was finalised on 30th of June 2015. This allowed the Japanese company to acquire a 49% stake in Ficosa.

This agreement allows us to integrate the know-how of the two companies by combining Panasonic’s innovative image technology with our extensive experience of and technology in mirrors for the motor industry. This has led to the creation of one of the largest specialised global groups, capable of leading the transformation of the motor and mobility market, particularly in the areas of vehicle connectivity, safety systems for assisted driving, and e-mobility, which will be the foundation of the vehicles of the future.

This partnership not only brings together complementary technology and know-how but also regional synergies. This is extraordinarily valuable to our company’s future business.

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