What we buy

Production Products

Chemical Commodity Electric Commodity Metalic Commodity Electronic Commodity
PA (Raw Material) Solenoids Wire Rope Galvanized Resistors
PP (Raw Material) PCA Wire Rope Stainless Steel Capacitors
ABS (Raw Material) Wire Harness Wire Stainless Steel Inductors
POM (Raw Material) Mirror Glass Actuators Wire Phopsphated/Galvan Displays
PVC (Raw Material) Power Folding Actuators Metal Sheeet Stamping – Embossing Transistors
PC (Raw Material) Cameras Fine Blanking Diodes
PBT (Raw Material) Glass Heaters Pads Screws, Nut – washer – Fasteners IC Integrated Circuits
TPE (Raw Material) Lighting Systems Mechanized Parts – Shifter Levers Microcontrolers
PE (Raw Material) DC Motors Cold Stampings Connectors
PMMA (Raw Material) Pumps Sintered Parts Miscelaneous (Fuse,Time, Varistor, Switches, filters, …)
ASA (Raw Material) Miscellaneous Electrics Forged Parts – Hot Forging Audio (Speaker, Microphone)
Colour Masterbatches Level Sensors Springs Batteries
Oils & Greases Wire Harnesses Components (cable, sensors,…) Tubes (Metallic) Sensor (accelerometer, magnetic, temperature,…)
Paint raw materials Exterior glass mirrors Zamak Raw Material Connectivity Modules (GSM, GPS, BT/Wifi, …)
Rubber Mouldings Interior glass mirrors Zamak Parts eSI/Ms
Knobs & Boots Electrochromic glass mirrors Aluminium Raw Material GPS Antennas
Foam parts Plactic glass mirrors Aluminium Parts PCB (Rigid and Flexible Printed Circuit)
Packaging Glass Adhesives Aluminium Style Parts Ficosa Cameras
Biinjection Magnesium Parts Lenses
Overmouldings and subassy Conduit Image Sensors
Structural parts (Common PI parts) Cables – Final product Cloud Services
Style Pieces (IMD and other specific technologies) Miscellaneous Metalics
Painted Parts
Chromed Parts
Catallogue parts
Blow Moulding
Thermic protection tubes
Rubber tubes
PTFE tubes
Thermoplastic Tubes
Tubes assembly
Corrugated Tubes
Miscellaneous Chemicals

Indirect Commodity Procurement

  • Office materials, paper, computer consumables.
  • Maintenance (services and material)
  • Training, ETT, consulting, legal services, auditors.
  • Supplies (gas, electricity, telephone)
  • Rent, royalties, insurance.
  • Investments (injection machines, robots…)
  • Travel
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