Ficosa Standards

General Purchasing Conditions

The GPC are the framework for the relationship between Ficosa and our suppliers.

Supplier Quality Manual

Compliance with quality requirements and continuous performance improvement are mandatory. This manual details the main procedures and systems used for supplier selection, business assignment, component approval, performance follow up, and supplier development

Standards, Rules, and Logistic Formats

Ficosa Plants’ (Ficosa Logistic System-FLS) logistics procedures come from the lean manufacturing philosophy. To establish an optimal relationship with our suppliers, Ficosa has developed some tools and procedures in order to make communication easier and simplify processes.

These include:

  1. a) Requirements for packaging and shipments procedure: which explain components’ logistic situation, packaging and identification, the delivery programme that suppliers will receive, and the use of standard formats to simplify
  2. b) Supplier Logistic Index (SLI): suppliers’ logistic evaluation tool which measures supplier performance taking into account the communication between the supplier and the plant, documentation, and delivery times, and includes a supplier guide on continuous improvement.
  3. c) Supply Web: tool for the communication between suppliers and Ficosa which includes delivery schedules, advance shipment notification, labelling, transit control, and other supply information.
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