How we work

Creating a better future


We innovate, develop, manufacture, and create high-technology solutions to improve safety, efficiency and connectivity, always based on our commitment to our customers, partners, employees, and society as a whole and with respect for the environment.


Our goal is to contribute globally to creating a better future that is safer and more sustainable for everyone, through innovation in the motor industry.


Values that convey the essence of our company; how we think and believe we should act:

Interest in people

People are the core of our business. Training, learning, respect, diversity and friendly relationships are a part of who we are.

Customer focus

Helping our customers succeed is key to achieving our success. Being able to build trusting relationships with our customers; understanding and anticipating their needs.

Teamwork / Learning together

Knowledge-sharing, open communication, learning from mistakes, cooperation and understanding that personal success contributes to overall success.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity in our actions and behaviors. Ethical principles and values should guide our daily decisions.

Commitment and passion

Enthusiasm for doing a good job and knowing how to live the values. Participating in achieving our vision through perseverance, work enjoyment and a job well done.


Humility, not taking sole credit, and understanding all persons are equally important is essential to Ficosa´s leadership style. Lead by example and with high regard for people. Delegate, decentralize, have faith in people´s abilities. Integrate the company´s values in the workplace.

Innovation and creativity

All our employees have the ability to innovate and create, therefore we must encourage the expression of these ideas through our leadership.



Our Code of Ethics defines the standards and responsible behaviours expected of all those related to the company. We are all responsible for complying with these reference standards, which are essential guidelines in order to guarantee our management model.

The Code is an extension of our values, that convey the essence of our company, how we think and believe we should act. FICOSA has implemented a Whistleblowing Channel to report  suspected breaches and queries of the standards and behaviours described in the Code.

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