Nora Quintanilla, SQA Engineer for e-Mobility projects

When you’re looking for an internship at a company after university you have plenty of enthusiasm, but the chances of getting hired after your studies are not very high. In my case, I was lucky to join Ficosa in a department that keeps growing and, 3 years later, I am still here. Every day brings its own challenge. Being a dynamic person who is keen to try things has helped me grow as an engineer. Nevertheless, the best part has been working with my colleagues, without a doubt. Most of them are young and it’s a great environment.
ficosian nora

About my work

I am currently working on the new e-Mobility Hub. This project is about making mobility more efficient and sustainable in the future. Within the team, my role is to monitor the quality of the software development. I am involved in defining development processes and their control parameters.

Nora in pictures

Nora says:

“If you’re a young professional, Ficosa is the perfect company to start learning. Instead of treating me like a trainee, they included me in the project from the start”.

Let me tell you about the e-Mobility project:

ficosa proyecto emobility

Mobility Efficiency
This project aims to make mobility more efficient and cleaner in the future. One of the things we do is help carmakers who want to create a range of electric vehicles.

ficosa referente internacional

World leader
Ficosa owns plants in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, but our e-Mobility facilities are in Viladecavalls, near Barcelona, where we are world leaders.

ficosa mecatronica

Mechatronics as the key
Mechatronics might sound odd to you. Basically, we make software and hardware for the hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles of the future. This includes battery management systems and on-board chargers.

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