SVS Project

Bring the future closer

You have heard it hundreds of times: the car of the future drives itself. Only recently, it was just science fiction, but it is getting closer every day. Our SVS project, Surrounding View System, brings it even closer.

The SVS project has two stages. In the first, we added several cameras to the vehicle to let the driver have a 360º view of everything that is happening around them. These are combined with advanced sensors that can detect obstacles or people that the vehicle might collide with.

For the second stage, we want to go further. We are making progress to ensure that, in the event that the car detects a person behind it, instead of notifying the driver, the vehicle comes to a full stop.

Achieving something so technologically advanced before others do, and which also contributes to people’s safety, is a challenge we could not turn down. We have always created systems to make drivers’ lives easier, but with SVS we can improve everyone’s life, both inside and outside the car.

Protagonists: Toni

Toni Grau Ficosa

Toni ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Business Unit director. From a young age, Toni was sure that he wanted to work at a company that built important things, and here he has seen his dream come true. What better than help creating the vehicle of the future?

As the director of the ADAS department, Toni is the coordinator of this project. Over 200 engineers around the world are working on SVS. It is a huge challenge. The technological revolution does not stop and becoming part of it has been one of Toni’s main motivations and his favorite thing about working at Ficosa.

How is the future built?

ficosa proyectos adas equipo talento

A team of over 200 engineers around the world and many blank pages to think and make it possible for the ideas of science fiction to become real systems in cars.

ficosa proyectos adas equipo innovacion

The future is creating something new, bringing the things you imagine into reality. Our innovation is responsible for taking those ideas and making them real.

ficosa proyectos adas vision

Being different is in our DNA. We want to pursue innovation and development to reach places no one has reached before.

Project keys

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