Ficosa is developing the “Battery Pack” for the electric and hybrid “plug-in” vehicles

The “Battery Pack” developed by Ficosa, combines the battery electronic control, the sensors, the refrigeration system and the communication system of the pack with the main car ECU, into a compact package with the batteries.
The system allows monitoring and controlling the condition of the batteries. This means that they can find out how much charge is left in the batteries, and therefore how many km further the vehicle can travel. They can also find out about conditions that may affect the life of the battery and its performance, such as the temperature or electrical unbalances between cells, correcting these through refrigeration and cell balancing strategies. The Project includes the structural development of the unit so that it can withstand all vehicle conditions, including vibrations, safety in the event of a crash, extreme temperatures, etc., as well as being adaptable to the weight, volume and integration requirements in the car.

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