Ficosa builds a cutting-edge production plant in Tennessee

With an investment of over 50 Million Dollars, the new plant will be equipped with the sector’s most advanced technology in order to offer clients the most competitive products and service.
The new premises, located in Cookeville, will have a total surface area of 270,000 sq. ft. and will be staffed by over 900 employees
It will supply clients in the United States such as Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan, among others.

Barcelona, May 26th 2015.- Ficosa, a top-tier global supplier dedicated to research, development, production and sales of safety, communication, and efficiency systems for the automotive industry, is giving its presence in the USA a boost by building a new integrated production center in The Highlands Industrial Park in Cookeville (Tennessee). The new plant will have a total surface area of 270,000 sq. ft. and will be equipped with the latest innovative technology, making it one of the company’s most advanced factories worldwide. The project represents a total investment exceeding 50 Million Dollars and is expected to have over 900 employees.

Javier Pujol, the company’s global CEO, remarks: “The new facility is a strategic move that will allow the consolidation of key operations and enable further future growth in one of the largest automobile markets in the world. Currently, the NAFTA region represents over 35% of the group’s global sales, making it our second largest market”.

Joan Cañellas, Ficosa North America’s CEO, states: “Being a cutting-edge factory, the new production center in Cookeville will increase Ficosa North America’s competitiveness and efficiency, allowing us to provide even greater service to the OEMs”.

In that respect, significant investments will be made in the areas of injection molding, assembly lines, and a world class paint operation. Two new production processes will also be introduced in the facility: aluminum injection, and the production of signal lights that are integrated into rear view mirrors. These components previously were out sourced in Mexico and Asia.

Primarily dedicated to producing rear-view mirrors, the Cookeville factory will supply clients such as Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan, among others, with a capacity to produce 4.5 million units per year. Construction will start at the beginning of June, and the plant will be fully operational by the end of 2016.

Broad presence in North America

Ficosa, which began operations in the United States in 1994, has a broad presence in the North American market. Currently, the multinational has production plants in Shelbyville (Kentucky) and in Crossville (Tennessee), as well as a sales office and a development center in Detroit (Michigan), employing a total of 60 engineers. Ficosa North America also operates two production plants in Mexico complementing its US operation. Ficosa produces rear-view mirrors, shifter assemblies, and brake systems in the Mexico operations near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon .

Once the new Cookeville center is up and running, the Crossville premises will end their activity, transferring its 500 employees to the new plant, where an additional 400 jobs will be created. “These new premises will mean a substantial improvement in the group’s efficiency and operational capacity in the region. By opening this plant, not only is the company able to reinforce its business, but also it is able to offer our Tennessee workers a better and more secure future, confirming Ficosa’s commitment to generating employment in the area”, explains Cañellas.

Currently, Ficosa has nearly 8,700 employees in 18 countries, 1,700 of whom work in NAFTA. In line with their strategy of locating themselves close to their clients in order to be able to offer a more competitive service, the Catalonian multinational has recently reinforced its activity in China by opening a new plant in Shenyang.

About Ficosa

Ficosa has its headquarters in Barcelona, and is a top-tier global supplier dedicated to research, development, production, and sales of safety, communication and efficiency systems for the automotive industry. Founded in 1949 and committed to innovation, development and human values, Ficosa currently has nearly 8700 employees in 18 countries located in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Ficosa’s consolidated net sales were 925 million Euros in December 2013. Rear-vision systems (interior/side mirrors) are Ficosa’s main, globally renowned business, and recognized by all major OEMs worldwide

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