Ficosa introduces an intelligent interior mirror that improves rear view

  • This first product codeveloped by Ficosa and Panasonic is a significant example of the potential of the alliance between both companies to lead the future of automotive
  • This pioneering system revolutionizes driving experience, increasing comfort and safety
  • It is expected that vehicles can circulate with this system integrated by the beginning of 2018

Barcelona, March 30, 2016.- Ficosa, top-tier global provider devoted to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-technology vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the automotive and mobility sectors, anticipates the market with the presentation of an intelligent rearview mirror (IRMS). This system, which has an integrated display in the structure of the interior rearview mirror, works as a mirror or as a monitor that relays images from the camera located at the rear of the vehicle, according to the driver’s needs. IRMS is the first product developed as the result of the alliance with Panasonic, integrating the know-how of Ficosa with the technology of the Japanese company.
Ficosa CEO, Javier Pujol, said: “This pioneering product is a significant example of the potential that the alliance with the Japanese multinational offers to us”. In this sense, he adds: “We continue to work with Panasonic to enhance our technological capabilities and to integrate complementary technologies in new key products, which will be the basis for the future of the automobile in connectivity, safety and efficiency”.
The intelligent interior mirror provides a significant added value to the conventional mirror, enhancing the driving experience and increasing safety and driving comfort. This solution extends the rearward field of vision up to a value of 50° (more than double compared to a traditional mirror), which considerably reduces blind spots. It also attenuates the glare and improves visibility in low light areas.
The camera built into this intelligent mirror is digital and offers a high resolution image. Ficosa has the ability to integrate the camera in various locations of the car according to the preferences of automobile manufacturing companies, either inside or outside the vehicle. This system also includes a Panasonic LCD screen, which is located in the traditional structure of the interior mirror, being able to operate as a mirror or a display that transmits with razor sharp the images that gathers the camera.

Additional features of high value added
The business unit director of Rear-view Systems, Mercedes Pujol, explains: “In Ficosa we have been working intensively for nine years in the electronic mirror (CMS) research and development, a fact that has given us a valuable know-how to develop IRMS, improving the features of the traditional rearview mirror”. She also underlines that “the company offers as an added value the option to integrate into the rearview mirror the Smart Sensor & Camera Cleaning”, a completely innovative solution that automatically removes dirt from camera.
IRMS also stands out for its ability to work split screen as a mirror and monitor simultaneously. In this operating mode it can also project the image of other devices integrated in the vehicle as parking camera or even internal cameras to control children, among other devices. Additionally, it will also allow the inclusion of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in this vision system, giving information about surrounding vehicles to the driver.
Currently, Ficosa is already working with different car manufacturers on the integration of intelligent interior rearview mirror, customizing it according to their requirements. It is expected that the regulation in this field will be approved in a European level by the middle of this year and it is foreseen that vehicles can circulate with this system integrated by the beginning of 2018.

The alliance between Ficosa and Panasonic
The agreement between Ficosa and Panasonic was formalized on 30th June 2015 with the Japanese multinational acquiring 49% of Ficosa shares. Both companies have partnered to increase their technological capacity and integrate complementary technologies to lead the transition of the automotive market in new product categories, which will be the base of the car of the future, especially in the areas of car connectivity, security systems for an increasingly assisted driving and e-mobility.


Watch video about the intelligent rearview mirror:

About Ficosa
Ficosa is a global company devoted to the creation of high-technology vision, safety, efficiency and connectivity solutions for the industry, with the desire to contribute to society through our commitment to technological innovation, human values and energy efficiency. Founded in 1949 and based in Barcelona, Ficosa currently has more than 9,000 employees in 18 countries worldwide in Europe, North and South America and Asia, with consolidated sales of 949 million euros in December 2014. The rear view system (interior/side mirror) is Ficosa’s main business, known worldwide and recognized by top global OEMs.

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