Ficosa, recognized by Ford for its quality products

The Ficosa plant in Cookeville, Tennessee, has received this prestigious award


Ficosa, a top-tier global provider devoted to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the automotive and mobility sectors, has been awarded with the Ford Q1 distinction. The Ficosa plant in Cookeville, Tennessee, has been recognised by Ford for its high-quality products and capacity for continuous improvement.

Joan Cañellas, Ficosa North America CEO, highlights: “Receiving this award from a top-tier automobile manufacturer like Ford is a huge honour, as it recognizes and reaffirms the hard work we put into ensuring we make excellent products and offering our clients the very best quality. At Ficosa, we’re aware of how hard it is to have this sort of success, and it is very clear that none of this would be possible without hard work, dedication, passion and teamwork.”

Specifically, the US manufacturer has recognised Ficosa North America for complying with ISO/TS certification requirements in five key areas: capable systems, continuous improvement, ongoing performance, superior manufacturing process and customer endorsement.

 Ficosa North America has two production plants in the United States, in Cookeville and Kentucky, and an R&D centre in Detroit; plus, two production plants in Mexico, in Escobedo and Salinas Victoria, and an R&D centre in Escobedo, as well. In addition to this award, the Ficosa plant in Kentucky also received the same recognition from Ford in 2017.

North America is a crucial region for the company and the production centre in Cookeville (inaugurated in 2016) is a good proof of it. It is equipped with the latest technology and is the group’s most advanced centre in the world.

In recent years, the company has received awards on various occasions from several organisations in the sector and media outlets, including those highlighting the policy of quality, excellence, service, flexibility and continuous improvement that the multinational maintains with its customers worldwide.


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