Ficosa and Panasonic Start Capital and Business Alliance

Barcelona, July 1st 2015.- Ficosa International, S.A. (Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain, CEO: Javier Pujol, “Ficosa”) and Panasonic Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, President: Kazuhiro Tsuga, “Panasonic”) announced their agreement on a capital and business alliance on September 30th, 2014. Since various conditions, including approval from competent anti-trust authorities, have been fulfilled, Panasonic have completed investment in Ficosa and transfer of shares from Ficosa on June 30th. Then, Panasonic is participating in Ficosa’s management, and Ficosa and Panasonic start a business alliance.

Through this capital and business alliance, Ficosa and Panasonic will accelerate the fusion and further evolution of the ‘Comfort’ and ‘Safety’ areas which is indispensable for the next generation cockpit systems, an area that shows great potential for growth. As a result of a synergy of the alliance, both companies will facilitate the quick launch of electronic mirror systems business, they will also expand a business alliance in the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) area in the future and connected infotainment systems through the In-vehicle telematics unit.

Panasonic has taken a 49% stake in Ficosa, and is planning to send four directors as Ficosa’s members of the board for participating in its management this time. Both of the companies continue discussions about strengthening their capital, business and technological partnership in the future.

About Ficosa

Ficosa has its headquarters in Barcelona, and it is one of the top-tier global provider dedicated to research, development, production and sales of safety, communication and efficiency systems for the automotive industry. Founded in 1949 and committed to innovation, development and human values, Ficosa currently has nearly 8700 employees in 18 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia, having consolidated sales of 949 million Euros in December 2014. Rear-vision systems (interior/side mirror) are Ficosa’s main, globally renowned business, as recognised by the main OEMs worldwide

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About Panasonic:

Panasonic Corporation is a global company that offers solutions to customers in 4 business fields (Residence, Non-Residence, Mobility and Personal Use) through the development and commercialization of electronic products. Since 1918, Panasonic has developed its business globally, having consolidated net sales of 7,736.5 billion yen in March 2014. It has more than 500 companies worldwide. Panasonic pursues a value creation with synergies of a variety of own development technologies, providing “A Better Life, A Better World” for each costumer throughout the world.

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