Exterior and interior small size cameras covering vehicle 360 degree, parking, mirror substitution and driver monitor. Standalone or in-system cameras, with low power dissipation, EMC robustness and cost optimized, covering both entry level and high performance systems and offering state of the art technology for next generation machine vision systems.
The Ficosa analog camera is one of the best on the market for image resolution, especially at night due to its high dynamic range.


When putting the vehicle into reverse, the camera located at the rear of the car is activated and the image of the rear vehicle area is displayed on the central monitor. The system works with static and dynamics overlays to control the turn off the steering wheel, in order to allow a more precise manoeuvre.


  • Camera monitoring in-car system.
  • High resolution (Mpx) cameras provide side view
  • Improved image quality through complete image pipeline (camera, ECU, display).
  • Dynamic image sensor setting adjustment to improve image quality in extreme conditions.
  • Cover glass with heater for defrost.
  • Led flicker mitigation
  • Optional machine vision for object detection, BSD.
  • VastCMS experience with third Gen. system function.


The Surround View System is an intelligent vehicle camera kit that allows the driver a 360° view around the vehicle. Ficosa’s wrap-around cameras are compact and energy efficient.
The 4 cameras and ECU delivers a high quality surround view of the complete vehicle’s environment, helping the driver to perform safe manoeuvres.

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