Light Signals

Lights into rearview mirrors

Ficosa is a pioneer and specialist in the incorporation of lights into rearview mirrors, which add safety and differentiate vehicles. It has its own patents that use light-emitting diode (LED) technology for the addition of the following lights in the body of the mirror:

Turn signal light – indicator

The indicator in the rearview mirror is not just an aesthetic resource. This position offers numerous advantages for one of the foundations of road safety: see and be seen. When the control is activated, the indicator becomes visible to oncoming vehicles and vehicles behind or at the sides. Moreover, since this indicator is at eye-level, it allows for a quicker response.

Blind Spot Warning (BSW lights)

The blind spot warning (BSW) system can help alert drivers to other vehicles in their blind spot when changing lanes. The BSW system uses the rearview mirror with a light signal to advise the driver when they activate the indicator that there is a vehicle in their blind spot. Ficosa develops systems which are incorporated into the glass and in the body of the mirror.

Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)

Ficosa’s latest innovation is the incorporation of the daylight – DRL daytime running lamp in rearview mirrors. This is also known as the daylight running lamp or daytime running light. LED technology allows this light signal (which is always on while the vehicle is running) to be placed in rearview mirrors, enabling vehicles to be seen more easily.

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