Machine Vision

Machine – Vision and Image Processing

The focus of FICOSA is to develop and embed software in camera-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

FICOSA’ contributions to the motor industry are:

  • Machine vision algorithms for camera-based ADAS functionality in 2D and 3D applications.
  • Sensor fusion functionality on all standard available sensor technologies such as vision, RADAR (radio detection and ranging), and LIDAR (light detection and ranging –also known as “laser radar”).
  • Implementation of algorithms in embedded automotive ECUs (electronic control units).
  • Support and provision of the complete development tool chain (i.e. data logging, labelling, on/offline development, visualisation, training, testing, and validation).

Machine Vision and Image Processing


  • Image Pre-Processing
  • Feature Extraction
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Object Tracking
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Structure for Motion

Tool Chain

  • Software Development Platform
  • Classifier Training Tools
  • Feature Analysing Tools
  • Automatic / Semi-Automatic Generation of Ground Truth Data


  • Statistical Validation of a Scene Catalogue
  • Video Server and Annotation Data Base


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