GearBox Actuator - GBA​

What is a Gearbox actuator?​

Gearbox actuator is an electromechanical device to change the gears without any other external physical intervention.​

The traditional mechanical shifter system with cables or rod are replaced by electronic Shift-by-wire mechanism and actuator in the gearbox saving weight, space and improving interior design.​


The Shift-by-Wiresystem uses a small and compact electromechanical device that moves the gearbox axis with the required speed and effort to change gear.​

To ensure the device performs correctly, you must have standard electronic control architectures hardware / software (ECU) and already be validated by Ficosa following the latest directives in ISO 26262 Functional Safety. The ECU can be integrated or in a separate box and allows different configurations.​

Ficosa as a Tier 1 supplier developes and manufactures actuators and integrated control software, including non-contact sensors, power electronics, and thermal dissipation elements, for Automatic Sequential Transmissions and Double Clutch applications, from traditional propulsion vehicles to hybrid and electric power source.


  • Robotised AT/TCT/DCT/DSG gearboxes, witha reduced Intrusive Safety System​
  • Complete Shift by Wire System approach (SbWshifter+ ECU + GBA)​
  • No mechanical links between the driver and the gearbox (hence no NVH transmission, the same HMI effortin all conditions, freed)​
  • Weight reduction> -30% vs. traditional Bowden ATX Systems​
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